Lantra Leadership and Management qualifications

Lantra Leadership and Management qualifications

STB are in partnership with Call of the Wild management training company, and we have been approved by Lantra to deliver  a welsh project of funded qualifications .

There are new Lantra funded qualifications in Leadership and management available to anyone employed or self employed in any of Lantra’s seventeen industries, so that means agric, hortic, equine, animal care, trees and timber, fisheries etc.

They are extra to the 80% Farming connect funding where  there are only 3 courses available per person per year. With these quals they are funded at source at 70 %, so you could do your 3 FC courses, and these on top. Also you only pay the 30 %, invoiced before the course, there is no claiming back like farming connect.

I have attached some info, and the link is

Please pass on to anyone you think would be interested, it is only available until the end of the year , happy to answer any queries.

We are running them all over Wales, in north , mid and south venues, or we can deliver a cohort to an organisation to suit.

Many thanks, Julie

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