agricultural business planning course

Eligible for farming connect funding , a 1 day course on recording financial infro with free software Dates in June available

Target Audience

YESS scheme entrants (To enable Yess entrants to implement, monitor , and evaluate against their entrant business plan.)

Entrants into farming

Farmers wishing to develop their business management skills.

Learning Objectives At the end of the course the trainee will be able to :

Define basic financial terminology to include P &L, overhead costs, variable costs, Balance sheet, cash flow, viability, cash needs, gross margins, benchmarking,

Identify examples of the above terms.

Analyse financial documents for examples.

Describe the difference between management accounts and tax accounting.

Set up a customised template of management accounts for the business

Identify recording in mgt accounts to assist Gross Margin analysis

Produce a Gross Margin from a set of Management Accounts

Identify sources of benchmarking information.

The emphasis on the course is to customise to their own farm and systems.