THE NEW PROCESS  FOR FUNDING APPLICATIONS  is all on the new website, but that is now on a new address-

The window for funding applications is open 4th Jan to 29th Jan, but the system is now very complex as it is all online.

The first challenge or key message is to get everyone to re register, and to make sure they list all the family members who are eligible, so it would be mam, dad, the kids, and if grandparents or brothers are in the business, then their spouses and kids as well.

There are a limited number of courses. (Trailer tests and welfare of animals in transit, LGV AND HGV no longer eligible.)

The next challenge is to complete their development plan online, BEFORE applying for funding. (Similarly doing the online H&S course before a machinery and vehicle application.)

We are aware that there will be a big demand for Pesticide courses, so we have prepared a guide to the process on our pesticide page at

It is likely that all not all applications will be approved as in previous years.

We have gone through the steps in the pdp process, and they are not easy to navigate, especially for people not very computer savvy.

Because of this we have decided to offer “surgeries” where you can attend our offices, and have one to one support through the essential online bits. You will need to have registered and obtained usernames and passwords BEFORE  you  attend. Once you  have these you can ring us and arrange a time to call. We anticipate you, or trainee, are looking at 1-2 hrs.

If you are going to have a crack at it yourself, HERE ARE A FEW TIPS.

  • Log in to BOSS. Ignore the instructions on right that ask if this is first time. Use the username and password FC gave you
  • Create PDP
  • Select your role
  • Make sure the goals section is filled in linking the goal to the training required.
  • Don’t worry too much on tab 3 (it’s confusing) go to tab 4 – courses, select farming connect folder
  • Add the online health and safety course (in e learning folder) to the pdp
  • Do the h and s course BEFORE you fill in funding application, which is on farming connect website not BOSS Remember your PDP CAN BE ADDED TO AT ANY TIME, but it must be started before any application for funding, as it is assessed, funding approval is no longer automatic


Best of luck ,

All best wishes

Julie and the team




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