Featured Course- Bookkeeping VAT and MTD- apply now for Farming Connect funding

Our Delivery Model

We can deliver this either as a Face to Face course, or by Remote delivery.

It is Farm focused– you get a spreadsheet that you can use or customise to your own farm business. It is often beneficial for couples to attend, rather than just the person who does the bookkeeping.

FACE 2 FACE TRADITIONAL – relaxed and informal style, questions welcomed throughout.

Pan Wales. We run this for about 4 -8 people in a venue local to you- usually a pub, hotel or community hall. We start about 9.30 with Tea and coffee, and stop for lunch at 12.30. We aim to finish by 3pm. Slight adjustments can be made for school runs etc. we will let you know if a light lunch is provided or you need to bring a packed lunch.

The afternoon session is a practical exercise, work in pairs, where you “do the books” for a beef and sheep farmer called Ivor Goodfield. We then go through the exercise together.

You receive a comprehensive workbook, handouts, and a copy of the slides.

After the course I e mail you a master copy of the spreadsheet


REMOTE DELIVERY -VIA ZOOM – relaxed and informal, can do taster session beforehand.

You will need Access to a pc with a webcam or laptop or tablet. If that is not possible, a smart phone will work, but you may want to use a holder of some sort so you don’t have to hold it all the time. Prior to the course we will send you a e mail with the link to the course. On the day of the course you just follow the link. Prior to the course We will also POST out to you a pack, which will contain hard copies of workbooks , handouts etc needed, so you will not have to print out materials, or try and access them on the pc during the course

Session 1  zoom session,10am – 12 noon. Break Off screen 12-1.30 for the Ivor Goodfield activity  as well as a cuppa and lunchbreak etc. Session 2   zoom session, 1.30-3pm where we can go through “homework” address questions, and discuss.

See https://www.lantra.co.uk/course/financial-management-1-bookkeeping-vat-and-making-tax-digital-mtd

FEATURED BOOKKEEPING VATFinancial Management 1 Bookkeeping VAT and Making Tax Digital MTD 34138

Financial Management 1 Bookkeeping VAT and Making Tax Digital MTD 34138

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