Good safety advice at Lantra stand , Royal Welsh

Brian Rees , a senior Lantra instructor and verifier, did some very entertainiung and informative demos on ‘elf n safety at the show. I learnt a lot about PTO shafts !

Sobering to think though that our beloved industry is the most dangerous- even higher now than construction. All the more need to make sure the younger generation get the message about safe equipment, and safe use of equipment

Honoured Guests- literally

Mrs Joan Lean, MBE visited our stand at the show- we curtseyed, wiped her chair then she hit us !! Joan has served 40 years at the Welsh Assembly, formerly the welsh office, and has been duly honoured with a MBE in the Queens birthday honours list ! Very well deserved we say at STB!

Visitors to our stand at the Royal welsh show

Great to see all the young farmers of glamorgan, and some not so young farmers of glamorgan during the week! Great to catch up with so many friends.

Lots of high profile visitors to our stand- Dr Glenda Thomas of FWAG  and Rory O’ Sullivan , director of rural affairs at Welsh Government pictured at our stand hav

ing a respite sit down !

Our stand at the royal welsh show

Wow , were we busy! Great to see past clients, future clients and friends, and thanks to the Lantra staff for their hospitality, and it was great working with the other providers there – Training for the Future (Rob and Suzanne ) and Heads of the Vallet Training (Paul) . The Farming Connect facilitators were great , and I think we all benefitted from the excellent networking going on there . Next door was Go Wales, Chwarae Teg and Food centre Wales, and again good networking and sharing of information went on.

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Simply The Best sponsor Glamorgan Ladies tug of War

Unfortunately they joined the rugby boys !

Lovely blue and white strip sporting Simply the best logo on their back, well done ladies!

Simply The Best sponsor Glamorgan YFC rugby

Unfortunately we lost ! But it was a close game!

The boys did well, with son Rhidian on crutches on the touchline due to breaking his ankle in practice for aforesaid, and 2 nephews Rhys and Lyn , and an adopted nephew Ed all playing . Plenty of encouragment from the large Glamorgan audience- we should have had an award for most vocal supporters I think.

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