e-learning from Lantra- NEW

Time for training and refreshing knowledge seems to always be at a premium these days.

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For many,  the traditional face to face TRAINING, particularly in skilled practical areas is the best and most effective.

But for some subject areas, there may be the chance to learn online, and Lantra have now an e learning platform for a small number of subjects, but they will be adding to these over the year, offering a time-friendly alternative.

Obviously you will never be able to do chainsaws, or driving ATV’s this way, but there are a few titles now available

 Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal Rodents
£59.95 PLUS VAT=£71.94
Rodent Control on Farms
£59.95 PLUS VAT=£71.94

£29.95 PLUS VAT=£35.94

Professional Wasp and Bee Control
 £49.95 PLUS VAT= £59.94
Professional bed bug control
 £49.95 PLUS VAT= £59.94
Food Handling and Hygiene
£15PLUS VAT = £18.00
Litter picking and environmental Maintenance
£49.95 PLUS VAT= £59.94
You can look at course, choose STB as your provider, and enrol,
or ring us direct on 01443 670267
We also run
Responsible and Effective Control of Commensal RodentsRodent Control on Farms
as traditional face to face training courses as well. Check out our Rodent Control page.