We deliver LEVEL 3 AWARD IN EDUCATION AND TRAINING. This is the universally accepted traditional train the trainer course, the replacement for PTLLS, Preparing to Teach in Lifelong Learning Sector. It is accredited by Agored Cymru.


Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF) – (601/2295/x)

The practicalities

This qualification is recognised as the universal “Train the Trainer” course, as required to become an instructor / trainer with many awarding bodies. It replaces PTLLS.

Why Train with us ?

We have particular expertise in workplace and vocational training, in particular, practical skills instruction. This is why we have dual accredited the qualification with Lantra Awards “Instructional Skills For The Practical Skills Instructor.”

You receive both certificates.

If you intend to become a Lantra awards instructor, this can be particularly helpful as we are very familiar with Lantra Awards delivery. We recognise that Instructors, or potential instructors from industry will require flexibility of delivery.

On our open course programme we like to run small cohorts of 4-8. We are happy to run the course as local to delegates as possible, and find that everyone has preferences from 1 day a week over 4-5 weeks, or a 1 week intensive course, or 2 lots of 2 consecutive days etc. We are happy to discuss your requirements and preferences. We also find that when the course is to be held one day a week or so over a time frame, we prefer to just agree day 1 with the delegates, and on day 1, we sit down with diaries and agree the rest of days to suit the group.

We are also able to provide cohorts direct to companies, and then would be able to quote you a specific course price rather than a per person price, depending on numbers and travel. Please call us.

Our delivery is over 4-5 days, depending on whether you have done, or will be doing, your assessor award. We offer a price per person of £695 plus vat per person, see overleaf for reciprocal discounts from Creo and STB

For further details see links below.

Level 3 Award in Education and Training

Agored Level 3 and Level 4 in Education and Training



We also deliver Lantra 3 day Instructional techniques for the practical skills trainer

great for anyone delivering inductions, or toll box talks.

and soon we will be offering a 4 day ASSESSED version of this course, which you would require if you wanted to progress to a Lantra Trainer


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