As things covid wise are changing constantly, we are looking to deliver business courses remotely as an option.

key message – APPLY NOW- We will sort out HOW we get them delivered after ! check out our newsletter and future delivery plans

Anyone applying now will be approved at the end of November .This means they will have until August 2021 to complete their training.

This means we have the summer ahead for outdoor courses, and we know the virus doesn’t like heat and fresh air. Hopefully there will be many more improvements in the situation by then, which will give us the ability to return to safe face to face training. But we will be able to offer the business courses as a  Remote option then as well.

So to anyone applying now, it looks likely they will have the option of choosing remote or face to face options, so the message from us is :

APPLY NOW – we will work something out !

All business courses

Our preference is still to run face to face courses, with all covid measures in place,  where possible, but given the new rise in cases, we are developing remote delivery strategies as a realistic option.

What would be useful then when you are approved is to establish your preferences , which will we do in our initial contact.

The advantages of remote are of course that geography doesn’t matter, and we do not have to restrict numbers on courses, we can give a wider availability of dates, we may offer more on weekends! On a separate note we are investing is Instructor development, and are working towards getting a Welsh first language Instructor in machinery ,based in North Wales.

Business coursesall one day duration

Face to face we run them 9.30 to 3.30 which suits school runs etc. with smaller numbers we will be able to adjust timings to suit the needs of the group.

Half and Half  If face to face is possible next year, we are already planning the use of pre course work of things that take time in a group situation such as questionaires activities, case studies etc, so we can cut down the length of time of the face to face encounter as it were, effectively making the course half a day face to face and half a day self study, which can be an effective compromise. We will call these half and half courses!

Remote- Sitting in front of a screen from 9.30 to 3.30 with half hour for lunch we feel is a bridge too far. We envisage holding a 2 hour session in the morning, say 9.30-11.30, followed by a gap where you so some “work” on what we have covered in that session, followed by another session starting at 1. 30 that day. We feel that is better to avoid screen fatigue.

  • We will introduce as much interaction as possible during screen time, so you still benefit from the group experience.
  • I have always been a firm believer that you can learn a lot from each other.
  • I will be happy to take questions just as I do in face to face sessions.

We will not be moving to a fully digital impersonal experience.






It has been quite a year! We sincerely hope that you and
yours are safe and well.
We at Simply the Best are looking to cautiously resume training as safely and securely as
possible for all concerned, and the covid crisis has allowed us to rethink and re-engineer
processes, and to make us think radically about our way forward, but we are still
committed to our name, wanting to deliver the best possible training to match our client’s
individual needs.
So – We Won’t Make a Drama out of a Crisis ………….

First- Course Prices.
We have kept our prices the same since 2015. This year in March we
were going to review all prices, had prepared costing spreadsheets,
produce a new ready Reckoner, but in July 2020 we have decided to
rip them up. Yes we have extra costs, yes we have increasing
overheads, but doesn’t everyone? We decided to turn it on its head,
for every negative, we were determined to find the positives, and so
have decided to do something new and radical.
As remote online training is not feasible
for courses such as chainsaws, tractors, etc, We now need
to run courses with smaller numbers, or even 1-1, because
of coronavirus and social distancing, but we can now turn
that to a positive, as we have a new flexibility process, We
won’t bore you with details, but less numbers for some
courses can mean shorter time. Also, because so many of
our Lantra courses have an element of H&S that is common to many machinery courses,
we can take the opportunity to “Bundle” courses when clients require several courses to
avoid repetition, maximising training time on practical parts. We also have a few tricks up
our sleeve, *ahem, in development for some of our traditional classroom courses.

So ……. Drum roll…….. here it is:-
The Simply PQ : Personalised Quote
Tell us what you want, for how many, and we will send a PQ.
In reality, it is a bespoke quote for 1-1, or for 2, or more- It is
like having a private course., we will endeavour to pack in
as much content in a shorter length of time at a reasonable
price. Having 1-1 or 2 on a course or a course bundle means that the course can run
quickly to your timetable as we are not waiting for places to be filled as we used to do
when running Open courses. You are then not mixing with “unknowns”. We think that COULD BE A WIN:WIN