Want to get to grips with finance ? 

Want to get to grips with finance ? 

Suite of 3 finance courses available, all 1 day, can be face to face or zoom, as this is last window why not apply for all 3? 80% funding.

1. Bookkeeping VAT and MTD

Price for Application: £250
Price you pay: £50 + VAT

2. Understanding and Using your Accounts

Price for Application: £250
Price you pay: £50 + VAT

3. Managing Cash Flow

Price for Application: £250
Price you pay: £50 + VAT

Are the kids 16+?

Are the kids 16+?

Register them with Farming Connect with an email, and apply for Level 2 Award Health and Safety in Agriculture. 

It is a qualification, so great for CV, and college application.

1 day attendance, held in summer holidays ! 

Price for Application: £285

Price you pay: £57 + VAT

Hints and tips on applying

Hello there,

The Farming Connect window is now open (until 27th May)

I know the system is tortuous, and the navigation around Farming connect website to the BOSS website is a nightmare- if it’s any consolation I got rejected in last window for a course as I rushed to get it in !

Anyway, would you like to apply this window for anything? If you do we can take one of 3 options,

  1. You apply as before – a few little changes -see box below.
  2. we can schedule a zoom chat / facetime chat/ tel call  and I can talk you through it,
  3.  if you wish I can do it for you.

If you can reply to my e mail we can go from there, I have attached our latest newsletter and price list, any queries just get in touch.

Make sure you apply for maximum possible!!

OVER 40- 3 courses in total, only 1 can be machinery

UNDER 40 – 5 courses in total, only 1 can be machinery

So- if you have done 1 course since last June application, you will need to deduct that off this windows total, as 3 and 5 courses are in a one year period. If uncertain, contact your FC development officer to check.

You will have until next Feb to complete training applied for now.





Some Late changes – introduced fri April 29th

1.Change to the application page

BOSS have introduced a minimum character count on the application page which was finalised on Friday This means when someone puts the reason why they want to do the training course in the application box they will not be able to move onto the 2nd page until they have reached 350 characters ( including spaces ). This means an average of 50 words will be required.The reason this has been introduced is in the last window in particular a sizeable number of applications were rejected because the word count was insufficient which is a pity.

STB COMMENT – Far too late to make changes! This may be reason you were rejected, but when they say “insufficient” it’s a pity they didn’t tell us what they were expecting !

 2.E learning Health and Safety. We had requested that it was made more prominent on a person’s BOSS account and this work has now been completed. It should now appear on a person’s dashboard.

STB COMMENT – Far too late to make changes! This may be another reason you were rejected because you have to do this if applying for a machinery course.

Tel 01443 6702767

Email – office@simplythebesttc.co.uk

Apply now – Farming connect subsidised courses – loads to choose from !

Our latest newsletter is here, only 3 windows left to apply , under 40’s can choose 5 in a year, over 40’s can choose 3. Dont miss it !

if you want any details or help with application, we are not going anywhere ! can give telephone support or calls via Zoom, call us on 01443 670267, or message us on facebook messenger.

these 2 applicants are too young, you need to be 16, this is just induction training, both generations further up are trainers !






It has been quite a year! We sincerely hope that you and
yours are safe and well.
We at Simply the Best are looking to cautiously resume training as safely and securely as
possible for all concerned, and the covid crisis has allowed us to rethink and re-engineer
processes, and to make us think radically about our way forward, but we are still
committed to our name, wanting to deliver the best possible training to match our client’s
individual needs.
So – We Won’t Make a Drama out of a Crisis ………….

First- Course Prices.
We have kept our prices the same since 2015. This year in March we
were going to review all prices, had prepared costing spreadsheets,
produce a new ready Reckoner, but in July 2020 we have decided to
rip them up. Yes we have extra costs, yes we have increasing
overheads, but doesn’t everyone? We decided to turn it on its head,
for every negative, we were determined to find the positives, and so
have decided to do something new and radical.
As remote online training is not feasible
for courses such as chainsaws, tractors, etc, We now need
to run courses with smaller numbers, or even 1-1, because
of coronavirus and social distancing, but we can now turn
that to a positive, as we have a new flexibility process, We
won’t bore you with details, but less numbers for some
courses can mean shorter time. Also, because so many of
our Lantra courses have an element of H&S that is common to many machinery courses,
we can take the opportunity to “Bundle” courses when clients require several courses to
avoid repetition, maximising training time on practical parts. We also have a few tricks up
our sleeve, *ahem, in development for some of our traditional classroom courses.

So ……. Drum roll…….. here it is:-
The Simply PQ : Personalised Quote
Tell us what you want, for how many, and we will send a PQ.
In reality, it is a bespoke quote for 1-1, or for 2, or more- It is
like having a private course., we will endeavour to pack in
as much content in a shorter length of time at a reasonable
price. Having 1-1 or 2 on a course or a course bundle means that the course can run
quickly to your timetable as we are not waiting for places to be filled as we used to do
when running Open courses. You are then not mixing with “unknowns”. We think that COULD BE A WIN:WIN

Late availability- understanding your accounts Lantra – discounted places

Understanding and using your accounts

on Wed 4TH MARCH

at the

Llanddewi Rhydderch Village Hall.

Llanddewi Rhydderch Monmouthshire NP7 9TR



The course will run from 9.30– approx. 3.3pm. There will be coffee and tea on arrival, and coffee and tea throughout the day. We will stop at about 12.30 for lunch, PLEASE BRING A PACKED LUNCH.

All materials will be provided, it may be useful if you bring a recent set of accounts with you to refer to, but they will remain confidential to you, and not be looked at by anyone other than you during the session.